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1101 North D Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 448-9721
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11324 East Point Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
(916) 638-3015
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965 Riverside Avenue
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 784-1172
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Gamboa's Body & Frame - Frame Repair

Gamboa's Body and Frame Shop specializes in frame diagnosis, frame replacement and frame repair on unibody and full frame vehicles. Today’s vehicles are designed to be lighter and safer. Crash worthiness and occupant protection are engineering priorities in the development of today’s vehicles. New materials are being used like Ultra-lightweight steels, High Strength Steel and Advanced High Strength Steel. These new generation vehicles offer a high level of protection and predictability when involved in a collision.

When you bring your vehicle to Gamboa’s you can be assured that the repair technology will be appropriate for the technology of your vehicles frame or unibody. The reason for the new technology comes from safety and fuel economy mandates required by the federal government and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA. New vehicles are now made lighter and of stronger materials. Unibody vehicles provide superior crash worthiness and full frames are being produced with front and rear crush zones to absorb collision forces, as well as “kick up” and “off set” areas which direct collision forces around the passenger compartment. The new steels are produced with specific mechanical and thermo- chemical properties. High strength and high strength low alloy steel are being used more on full frame vehicles. These “Strength Steels” are very formidable and make an excellent vehicle platform, their high tensile strength allows for the frames to be made of thinner material. A first glance, a HSS frame appears similar to a traditional mild steel frame, that also have the crush zones and offsets. The difference between the mild steel and the HSS frames is that the mild steel can be heated red hot with a torch to be bent and straightened which allows repairers much flexibility during the repair process, HSS goes through changes in it’s mechanical properties when subjected to the stress of a collision, re-stress of the repair and the application of heat.

The automotive SAE analysis community relies on “as-produced” mechanical properties to obtain accurate crash model results in designs using high strength steels. The frame is now one of the vehicles most important safety features, and works in conjunction with the vehicles other safety features, like seat belts and air bags. Studies show that conventional repair procedures affect all grades of HSS and they exibit at least 10% loss in tensile strength. This strength loss is large enough to significantly effect crash performance in both energy absorption and collapse mode. The other issue with HSS is that mechanical property changes will affect the timing of air bag deployment, which must be fully inflated at the exact millisecond to be effective.

The fact is that repair opportunities of HSS are very limited, just because a repairer corrects a frame dimensionally and visually it looks correct does not mean that the frame has been properly repaired. Grain structure damage in critical areas will not allow transfer of collision energy away from occupants; a strengthened area may fracture or fail to absorb impact in a subsequent collision or worse. If the frame on your vehicle is not repaired properly, you and your family could unknowingly be driving a vehicle that could present a danger to them and others on the road.

It is common for an HSS frame, with what would have normally been an easily repairable amount of damage for mild steel, to now require replacement. The problem with that scenario is that a lot of times the insurance company does not want to hear that the frame needs to be replaced. They either lack the technical expertise to understand the new technology or it’s a cost issue with them. On the other hand there shops that may try to repair frames that need to be replaced either due to lack of training, pressure from insurers or the lack of resources. European vehicles are being produced with aluminum structural panels. For Example, the new BMW 7 series complete front inner structure weighs less than 100 pounds, that’s why the vehicle handles so well, it has ideal front to rear weight distribution. BMW allows no repairs to the aluminum inner structure; some insurers are just totaling these vehicles because they are not sure how to handle them. Another technology that presents challenges for repairers and requires special repair considerations is Hydro- forming. With Hydro-forming structural components can be manufactured from a single piece of steel in the form of a tube that is put in a die, high pressure fluid pushes the steel into shape and components are produced in one piece and fewer welds are required

When you need frame repair, take your vehicle to the experts at Gamboa’s Body & Frame. Our trained technicians understand how critical it is to bring your vehicle back to the state that the vehicle manufacture engineered it to perform. We maintain state of the art frame repair and measuring equipment, 9 ea Blackhawk 4000L frame racks with multiple towers for complex pulls, and 9 ea SHARK computerized measuring systems that use sonar technology to 3-dimensionally measure the entire geometry of your vehicle to the nearest millimeter. Most shops don’t have the space required to change over a full frame, we have a complete frame shop with body lifts and supports that facilitates several frame swaps at a time. We also have an extensive research library containing new vehicle information, repair procedures and bulletins, as well as engineering contacts at various manufactures for vehicle structural inquires and safety related matters.

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Gamboa's Body & Frame Collision Services

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1101 North D Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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Rancho Cordova
11324 Point East Dr.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
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